Today we move the new manager to the primary domain The new manager provides a redesigned code-base and an updated visual design.

In this blog post we will give you some insight into the thoughts behind the new manager.

What is the QuickPay Manager?

The cornerstone of the payment gateway is the QuickPay API, where the payment information are processed and stored.

The QuickPay Manager is a simple API-client built using HTML and Javascript. The Manager serves as an easy accessible interface for merchants and resellers not using a direct API integration.

Why a new design/rebuilt?

As the QuickPay API expands in functionality the manager expands with. To make sure the manager could continue to be as simple as possible, it required a rebuild of the technical foundation.

Seeing this as an opportunity, we set out to rethink the design, while keeping the core experience. As such the goal from the beginning was not to change everything, but to adjust and update the components, where we could improve.

The New Manager

The primary navigation and interaction patterns remain from the old design. Users with more than one account will notice a new way to move between accounts. A ‘Leave’-button replaces the dropdown, and improves how resellers move between merchants.


The dashboard now shows more contextual information, and we will continue to improve on how relevant data is displayed on the new dashboard.

Simplified payments view

The new payment table have fewer columns, but allows the user to change the displayed columns depending on use-case. The search and filter-options have been updated and improved.

In payment details the operations are simplified to only provide Approved or Failed. The gateway and acquirer status is available by expanding the operation.


Some settings have been moved to create a more logical division between setting-views. Additionally the integration-view only displays the information relevant to the merchant’s shop system.


Behind the scenes the manager has been rebuilt from the ground up. By focusing on making the manager modular, we ensure the manager can keep expanding with the QuickPay API.

The new manager is built with mobile in mind, and several views adapts when opened on a mobile devices.

The code base is now covered by automatic testing, which means fewer bugs and will help quicken the development process.

What’s next for the manager?

After this major new version, the manager will go back to continuous development, and new features will ship as soon as they are available from in the API.

Among the next big (and often requested) features are statistics, which we plan to add in the coming months. The first version will be a simple representation of some key data, but will expand over time.

If you have any feedback, wishes or other good ideas, you are as always welcome to write to