The payment window is one of (if not) the most central parts of receiving payments. And it is important that the payment window look and behave as an integrated part of the shop.

At QuickPay we strive to build tools that enables you to adapt the payment flow to your specific setup.


The primary way to change the look and feel of the payment window is through branding. Using HTML and CSS it is possible to change almost everything about the payment window.

In a later post, I will show examples of changing the design, but today we will look at a more accessible way to adapt the behaviour of the payment window.

Branding config

Introducing ‘branding config’. Branding config are premade configurables to adapt and expand the functionality of the payment window.

There are 3 ways to set the branding config.

  1. Setting default branding config from the QuickPay Manager. branding-config-settings

  2. Editing the config.json file in the branding.

  3. Adding branding config parameters to your payment request, e.g.

    branding_config[autojump] = true

Read more on how to set the request parameters

The following sections will go though the four different branding configurations.

Cardholder name

Request the cardholder to fill in their name in the payment window.


The cardholder name will be visible next to the payment details in the QuickPay Manager.


Force 3D Secure

Some Swedish card issuers require that the cardholder only complete payments with 3D Secure.

Instead of forcing all customers through 3D Secure, ‘enable-3d-card-field’ lets the cardholder decide to use 3D Secure.



With ‘autojump’, it is to make the curser auto jump between input fields as the cardholder fills in their details.


Set HTML-title on payment window

The default html-title of the payment window is the merchant shop name.

It is now possible to change this and e.g. set a specific html-title for each branding.


We will continue to expand and add new ways for you to customise the payment window, to make sure you have the best possible conditions to accept payments.

If you have any questions on how to setup branding config, you are as always welcome to write to