Today we introduce the newest addition to our fraud detection.
Using Fraud Filter merchants can set up rulesets fitting their transaction patterns.

The previous fraud system becomes just one of the metrics, merchants are able to customise.

All QuickPay accounts have the new fraud filter included free of charge, and it can be found in the QuickPay Manager under Settings > Fraud Filter.

Fraud Filter

The previous fraud system analyses transactions, based on dynamic parameters developed to match common fraud patterns.

Some merchants can have patterns, that specific for them are a sign of high fraud risk. E.g. if you sell services in a specific country, payments from outside this country could be a clear sign of fraud.

With Fraud Filter it is possible to expand on the fraud detection, by setting rules that match the merchant´s specific needs.


In the first version it is possible to set up rules for the following metrics:

  • Fraud score from the parameter based system
  • Amount
  • The country the cardholder is located in when completing the transaction
  • The country the card is issued in


When a transaction matches the rules the transaction can take one of the following actions.

  • Set ‘fraud suspected’ flag
  • Force 3D Secure - The cardholder will be forced to go through 3D Secure to complete the payment
  • Block - The payment will be rejected


Payments made with cards issued outside Denmark, Sweden or Norway should be blocked.


Payments with an amount more than 135 EUR or where the cardholder is located outside Denmark should go through 3D Secure


The Future of fraud detection

This is the first step towards greater customisability for merchants, and we will continue to expand the functionality of the Fraud Filter.

You can read more on how to setup the Fraud Filter on our helpdesk

If you have any questions, or features you would like in our fraud systems, you are as always welcome to write to