As of the 1st of January 2018 it has not been legal for EU merchants to surcharge card fees on private cards. It is however legal to surcharge the card fee on corporate cards.

In a previous post Susan Kaae from walked us through the implications of the new law.

It has not been possible to know if the credit card is a private or corporate card and the only solution has been to stop all surcharging.

Today QuickPay launches a update to our payment platform which allows EU merchants to distinguish private and corporate cards.

Changes to autofee parameter

Until now, activating autofee in QuickPay meant that the card fee would be surcharged for all cards.

From today autofee instead only surcharges the fee for corporate cards. Private cards will be exempt making merchants compliant with the EU regulations.

This change only affects cards issued in the EU and autofee will continue to surcharge all cards issued outside the EU.

For merchants located outside EU the change will not apply and autofee will continue to surcharge all cards.

If you want to activate surcharging on your shop you can find a guide on our helpdesk on how to set up autofee.

If you have any questions you are as always welcome to write to