PSD2 is upon us and with it came a more heavily enforced Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirement.

Those of you who keep track of your conversion rate will probably notice a drop starting right around Monday the 11th of January, 2021.

Today’s Tech Tip can maybe help or inspire you to negotiate these new challenges.

Promote facilitators

Facilitators - what is it?

The term “facilitator” is what we use to describe wallet systems like ApplePay, GooglePay and other region specific systems like MobilePay Online and Vipps - because they are facilitating what is a regular credit card payment behind the scenes.

Many of these facilitators uses a so-called token service provided by Visa, Mastercard, etc. I won’t go in to details about tokenization itselv, but it can in short, and generalized, be described as a virtual credit card functioning as a surrogate for your ordinary credit card. The main benefit in the context of this Tech Tip, is that is has built-in features that omits the 3-D Secure flow - which is the likely cause of any recent drop in your convertion rate.

The fix (nudge really)

In QuickPay we have a template system called Branding which allows you to control the look and feel of the payment window. If you haven’t created a branding, you are just using our Standard Branding - there is nothing wrong with that, it looks great :).

However, you maybe want to excercise that Branding power and control to nudge your consumers to use those facilitators so that they are not bothered with the 3-D Secure flow.

We have forked the Standard Branding and created a simple but working example that will promote facilitators in the credit card payment view. Feel free to try it out, do some split testing and be inspired to take it even further.

As always, questions and feedback on the effect are very welcome at