How to setup an API key for Storebuddy

  1. Go to settings > press on users
  2. In the bottom of the page press on create systemuser
  3. Put in Storebuddy as the system name
  4. Press create
  5. Then you fint the new user with the name Storebuddy and press on the user
  6. Press on use templates
  7. Choose Storebuddy under templates for permissions and make a checkmark with Replace existing permissions with template permissions and press update
  8. Now you can press on see API key and copy the key

See the guide in the video below:

The setup in Storebuddy with QuickPay

  1. In Storebuddy go to My businesses and press on your business
  2. Then you press on Paymentgateway under Integrations.
  3. Choose QuickPay and in the window that opens you can put in the API ket that you made on the QuickPay account for Storebuddy.

See the Storebuddy guide here

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