MobilePay Checkout

MobilePay has introduced a new clever feature where the customer can pay and supply their shipping address in one step.

It is commonly known that fewer steps in a checkout process, leads to better conversion.

When the customer has put items into the basket and before they supply their shipping address, you can let them pay with “MobilePay Checkout”. The address information will then be send directly from MobilePay to QuickPay, with the customer needing to fill the address information in the checkout flow.

Underneath you can watch a video showing the payment flow when using MobilePay Checkout

Technical implementation

On you can read more about how to implement this in your shop.

MobilePay Checkout requires no extra agreements than the ones you have for MobilePay Online.

Below you can download a zip-file with logos in different sizes and colors, for use in your shop.

Download MobilePay Checkout logoer

Shop-systems with MobilePay Checkout



Magento 1

Magento 2


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