3-D Secure v2

During autumn 2020 and spring 2021 the new version of 3-D Secure will be phased in.

3-D Secure v2 is a new and improved version of the already used 3-D Secure.

The primary improvement for a merchant is that payments that are validated via 3-D Secure v2 automatically get assessed based on a number of parameters that ultimately determine whether the cardholder must go through a challenge flow or be processed frictionless. The challenge flow corresponds to the current flow, where the cardholder, for example, receives an SMS with a code they must enter to complete the payment. Frictionless means that the payment is completed without further involvement from the cardholder, even though the payment actually has been through 3-D Secure.

In addition, 3DSv2 offers better opportunities for the cardholder to complete the challenge flow, which ultimately will help to improve the conversion rate on 3-D Secure.

The article will be updated regularly, so you can always get the latest possible guide. At the bottom there will be a list of changes and date so it is possible to keep up.

3DSv2 and QuickPay

3DSv2 brings about some more or less required changes when creating payments.

Unfortunately, it is still unclear exactly what the consequence will be if the following is not included. Initially, it probably will entail that more payments have to go through a challenge flow.

The deadline for submitting the necessary additional parameters has not yet been determined. It is expected that 3dsv2 will be rolled out during the autumn, and may become a requirement from 1.1 2021. However, we recommend that you as soon as possible either include the necessary information, or at least have your integration ready to be able to collect and include it, if we experience that the card issuers reject payments.


With 3-D Secure v2, Secured by Nets will become part of the 3-D Secure system at QuickPay, and will thus no longer be an isolated setting under the Nets acquirer.

However, this will basically mean nothing to either merchants or cardholders.

QuickPay Embedded is being phased out

Unfortunately, 3-D Secure v2 will not be possible to use through QuickPay Embedded.

If you use QuickPay Embedded, you must therefore quickly switch to using QuickPay’s payment window instead.

Additional information must be included in payments

3DSv2 brings about some more or less required changes when creating payments.

Unfortunately, it is still unclear exactly what the consequence is if the following is not included and a possible consequence is decided at Visa / Mastercard level or by card issuer. Visa has stated that this information is always required and Mastercard requires that it be sent if the merchant knows this.

1. Cardholder name in the payment window

With 3DSv2, the cardholder is required to enter his name along with the card details in the payment window.

This can easily be activated in the payment window by using branding configs for payments, in the individual branding or, as a merchant option.

2. Address information

With 3DSv2 it is required that the billing address of the customer is included on all payments, when creating a subscription and creating a Saved Card.

It is still unclear what the consequence will be if some or all the information is missing, and a potential consequence will be decided at the Visa / Mastercard level or by the card issuer, ie. the cardholder’s bank. It is our expectation that payments initially won’t be rejected if the information is missing, but probably only will reduce the possibility of running frictionless. How it will be enforced in practice, we still do not know, and the consequence could also change over time. It is therefore QuickPay’s recommendation that you include as many information as possible, and as a minimum, prepare your shop for receiving and including the rest.

The following is required when making payments


If you add the customer’s address and house number in a single line, instead of both invoice_address[street] and invoice_address[house_number], you can include both in invoice_address[street] eg “My street 12, 3.”.

If you are wondering whether you already include this information, you can check your payments, subscriptions and saved cards in the QuickPay Manager, and for each transaction see if address info is already included from the shop.

The following must be included if the information is available to the merchant:


3. Additional subscription information

When creating a subscription, the following must be included by the merchant;

“Subscription Expiration Date” - When the last withdrawal on the subscription will be. If it is not a subscription with an expiration date, a date in the far future may be included.

“Frequency of withdrawals” - Number of days between each withdrawal. The least number of days is “1”. However, it is not our expectation that subsequent withdrawals will be rejected if you need to withdraw several times during the same day. This can be set by including the paramter threeds_v2[frequency] in the creation of the subscription.

The expiration parameter are not yet available on POST / subscriptions, but will default to the card expire.

. Optional additional information

In addition, it will be possible to include additional information about the payment that can help ensure a frictionless flow. It is not yet clear how these parameters will be included in QuickPay.

Force challenge flow

It will later be possible to force a challenge flow if you as a merchant prefer that.

Changes to the article

November 3, 2020

The content of this page was previously part of the PSD2 article, but can now be found on this page.

October 28, 2020

Added: with 3DSv2 it will no longer be possible to use QuickPay Embedded

October 21, 2020

It is now possible to create Saved Cards with 3-D Secure

Added note about possible consequences for missing address info on transactions

October 16, 2020

Added note that the customer’s address can be sent in one variable invoice_address[street] instead of including both invoice_address[street] and invoice_address[house_number]

October 13, 2020

Added info on 3-D Secure v2 and how to get ready for PSD2 and 3-D Secure v2

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