Google Analytics

Excluded referrals

In some cases you will experience that QuickPay will be registered as the source in Google Analytics.

To avoid this you can add to “excluded referrals” in Analytics. See more on

Alternatively it can be fixed by adding ?utm_nooverride=1 to your continue-url.

Read more on these methods on:

How to connect Google Analytics to QuickPay’s payment window

If using a shop system

The video below shows how to connect Google Analytics with QuickPay’s payment window. In the video WooCommerce is the shop system, but the approach is the same in all the modules supporting Google Analytics.

Notice that you cannot see the Google tracking code in the payment window - but don’t worry, it’s being tracked behind the “curtains”.

If using QuickPay by form

Watch the video above to see how to obtain your Google Analytics Tracking ID.

By using the example shown on, there is added a line for Google Analytics, and inserted the Tracking ID in the value-attribute.

(Click to enlarge image)

<input type="hidden" name="google_analytics_tracking_id" value="your tracking id">

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