How to get your logo in the payment window

To out your logo in the payment window, log in to the QuickPay manager and navigate to Settings > Merchant, click UPLOAD NEW LOGO, and choose you logo(use eg. 250x50 pixels for best result).

Insert logo directly into branding

If you wish to insert your logo directly throungh branding this is still possible.

Be aware that extra brandings will be invoiced (see

Create a new branding under Settings > Brandings.

Click on the branding and upload your logo.


Next change the file ‘templates/layout.liquid’


So it instead says


The code is:

<img src={{images.demologo.png}} alt="{{ model.displayname }}">

More logoes on same account.

If you are running multiple shops on the one QuickPay account, you can use brandings to have a logo per shop. Create a branding like Insert logo directly into branding. Now all you have to do is call the branding id in you shop(not all shopsystems provide this feature).

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