Magento is a professional open source e-commerce solution and it is very flexible to use.

The module for Magento makes the use of the QuickPay payment gateway easy. 

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Integration with QuickPay

Magento 1

Magento 2


Download Magento 1 module

  1. Download the module, unpack the file and upload it to the root of your magento folder via FTP

  2. Go back to the administration view and go to System->Configuration

  3. Go to Sales -> Payment methods and activate the module

  4. Fill in Agreement Id, API key from you API User, and your Private key, and make sure the rest of your settings fit your shop.

  5. Setup order statuses on the orders:

    Before payment: PENDING

    After payment: PROCESSING

Installation Magento 2

Download Magento 2 module

The module should be installed with composer as described on GitHub.

Language files

Download English and German language files.

Integration partners

If your support request is beyond what we are able to help you with, you can contact one of our integration partners. Please note, that integration partners can charge a fee for support, installation etc.



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DisclaimerIt should be noted that the use of the module is at your own risk. We provide only limited support for the use of it.*

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