MobilePay Online

Danske Bank has launched their product MobilePay Online so that it is now possible to accept MobilePay payments online in your webshop

The customer now has the option of choosing MobilePay as a payment method in the shop or payment window. So instead of typing in their creditcard number they can simply input their phone number, and a request will be sent to their phone where they can swipe to accept.

We have made a small video which shows the flow.


The webshop does not have to be customer at Danske Bank, but will need an agreement with Nets or Clearhaus. 

Next go to Settings > Acquirers > MobilePay Online in the QuickPay Manager and activate MobilePay Online.


Example of MobilePay in payment methods

Next step is to activate MobilePay Online in your shop. The process can depend on your shop setup, but integrations which uses payment_methods, will only need to add mobilepay.

Example from WooCommerce.


If you use an integration with QuickPay, go to, find your integration, and check if it supports payment through MobilePay Online.

Please note that there is an additional fee for using MobilePay Online. See for more information.

And then you must add the fee for card transactions from the acquirer, and the transaction price from QuickPay.

Please note! - The monthly fee for MobilePay Online will begin the day you activate MobilePay Online in the manager.


MobilePay Online works with the following currencies:

  • Danish kroner(DKK)
  • Norwegian kroner(NOK)
  • Euro(EUR)

Which cards can you use with MobilePay Online?

  • Dankort(incl. VISA/Dankort)
  • VISA
  • VISA Electron/Debet
  • MasterCard
  • MasterCard debet
  • Maestro

Send your customers phone number to the payment window

If you wish to have your customers phone number pre-defined in the payment window, add the following to your call

<input type="hidden" name="invoice_address[mobile_number]" value="12345678">


Mobilepay Online subscription payments

Subscription payments are not possible through MobilePay Online

We expect to support MobilePay Subscriptions during 2019.

MobilePay Online & 3-D Secure

If you are required by your acquirer to use 3-D Secure on all of your transactions, you may have some issues with accepting MobilePay Online. The solution to the issues depends on which acquirer you are using.

When using Clearhaus

If Clearhaus demands 3-D Secure on your transactions, they have given you are rule like:

reject authorization if not (some 3dsecure)

It needs to be expanded to something like:

strong authentication provided

In example the rule could state:

reject authorization if not (some 3dsecure or strong authentication provided) strong-auth

You can see your Clearhaus-rules in the QuickPay manager under “Settings -> Acquirers -> Clearhaus -> See account info”.

You need to contact Clearhaus directly to ask if they are willing to change your rules about MobilePay Online. We cannot change them for you. You can contact Clearhaus on mail at - remember, to state your customer id with them in the email.

MobilePay Online & liability shift (Important!)

It is important, that you as a merchant are aware that with MobilePay Online, you do not get the liability shift (that is provided with 3-D Secure). This means that financial liability in case of fraud does NOT shift to the card issuer, but stays with the merchant. So you need to be aware and willing to take the risk.

MobilePay in Shopify

Would you like to accept MobilePay payments in your Shopify solution? Have a look at our MobilePay/Shopify guide

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