MobilePay Online

MobilePay for ecommerce is called MobilePay Online.

The customer can in the shop or payment window select MobilePay Online as the payment method, and instead of filling in their card information, the payment is completed in MobilePay.


MobilePay Online works with the following currencies:

  • Danish kroner (DKK)
  • Norwegian kroner (NOK)
  • Euro (EUR)

MobilePay Online setup

A payment card is attacted to the customers MobilePay account. When a MobilePay payment is completed, the payment card information is directed from MobilePay to QuickPay and then to an card acquirer. Just like in a regular card payment.


An card acquirer agreement is required to use MobilePay Online, and you can only accept the cards through MobilePay, that your acquirer agreement covers.

It is possible to use MobilePay with all acquirers through QuickPay. In some cases it is however required that the acquirer enables it on your agreement.

Card types

  • Dankort (incl. Visa/Dankort)
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron/Debet
  • Mastercard
  • Mastercard debet
  • Maestro

MobilePay Online agreement

You are not required to have an agreement with MobilePay to use MobilePay Online. MobilePay Online is invoiced through QuickPay.

MobilePay Online costs 49 DKK per month + 1 DKK per transaction in addition to the acquirer fee and regular QuickPay transaction fee.

You can enable MobilePay Online in the QuickPay Manager in Settings > Acquirers > MobilePay Online

MobilePay requires an uploaded logo to accept payments through MobilePay Online.

You can uploade the logo in the QuickPay Manager during the setup.

The logo must be a png-file and with the size of 250px * 250px

Setup in shop

In most cases MobilePay Online will automatically show in the payment window when enabled in the QuickPay Manager.

Payment methods

If you specify which payment methods and payment cards that are shown in the payment window, you will need to add MobilePay to this.

This is simply done by added “mobilepay” to the payment_methods parameter.

This example shows payment cards and mobilepay as the options in the payment window.

payment_methods = creditcards,mobilepay

Send your customers phone number to the payment window

If you wish to have your customers phone number pre-defined in the payment window, add the following to your call.

Make sure you include the country code in the phone number. E.g. “+45” for Denmark.

<input type="hidden" name="invoice_address[mobile_number]" value="+4512345678">


Context switch on mobile devices

When you are setting up your shop, you will also have to take the following in mind, if your customers will pay with MobilePay Online through a mobile device.

a) If the entire flow is made from a mobile device, and the customer are using a browser that is not the standard browser, MobilePay redirects the user back to the continue_url in the mobile standard browser. The order confirmation page will therefore need be working without other data (e.g. a cookie) than what is included in the redirect.

b) In some cases the user will not return from the MobilePay app, so your flow must not be dependent of the user returning to your confirmation page.

3-D Secure / Strong Customer Authentication

Please note that it is not yet clear if MobilePay Online will count as Strong Customer Authentication after PSD2 goes into effect

If you are required by your acquirer to use 3-D Secure, or other Strong customer authentication, on all of your transactions, you may have some issues with accepting MobilePay Online. The solution to the issues depends on which acquirer you are using.

MobilePay Online & liability shift

It is important, that you as a merchant are aware that with MobilePay Online, you do not get the liability shift (that is provided with 3-D Secure). This means that financial liability in case of fraud does NOT shift to the card issuer, but stays with the merchant.

MobilePay in Shopify

Would you like to accept MobilePay payments in your Shopify solution? Have a look at our MobilePay/Shopify guide

MobilePay Checkout

With MobilePay Checkout your customer can go directly from the productpage to MobilePay and complete the payment. The customer and address information is then sent from MobilePay to the shop.

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MobilePay Subscriptions

It is currently not possible to use subscriptions through MobilePay Online. However, QuickPay will soon launch support for MobilePay Subscriptions.

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