Swish is a mobile service designed to provide simple and secure mobile payments. Swish works in the same way as MobilePay does in Denmark.

To use Swish a swedish bank account is required. Swish also only works with swedish currency(SEK)

See more at https://www.getswish.se/handel/ (only in swedish).

Currency requirements

Swish payments are only available with currency = SEK

Swish setup

To be able to setup Swish you are going to need 3 things, an acquirer agreement with Swish, a private key(the key you used to create your Swish agreement) and you Swish number.

Setup in the QuickPay manager

Step 1

Log into QuickPay Manageren and navigate to Settings > Acquirers > Swish and click Enable Swish

Step 2

Upload your Swish certificate by clicking Upload Certificate

Step 3

Upload your Private key (the one used to create your Swish certificate) by clicking Upload Private Kay

Step 4

Insert your Merchant ID (Swish number)

Step 5

If your private ket is created with a password, this must be inserted into the field Password

Step 6

Finish by clicking Save, to save your settings.

You are now ready to accept Swish payments in your webshop.

How do I capture a Swish payment?

Since Swish is an account-to-account money transfer, a capture is not necessary as the money is transfered to your account as soon as the payment is completed.

Merchants using Swish

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