Swish is a mobile service designed to provide simple and secure mobile payments. Swish works in the same way as MobilePay does in Denmark.

To use Swish a Swedish bank account is required. Swish also only works with Swedish currency(SEK)

See more at https://www.swish.nu (only in Swedish).

Acquirer agreement must be applied for through Swish directly.

Currency requirements

Swish payments are only available with currency = SEK

Swish setup

Before setting up Swish you will need an existing agreement with Swish.

Setup in the QuickPay Manager

  1. Log in to the QuickPay Manager and go to Settings > Acquirers > Swish

  2. Fill in your Swish number


  4. In the new view create a new key. Select “Swish” as the type, and fill in a fitting description – e.g. “Swish”

  5. Select the created key in the list of “Cryptographic Keys”

  6. Download the CSR, and make sure the information is correct

  7. Upload the CSR-file to Swish, and you will now get your certificate from Swish

  8. Copy the text from the Swish certificate and paste it into a text document and save it with the file-extension .pem

  9. Upload the certificate from Swish to QuickPay

  10. Go back to Settings > Acquirers > Swish and select the certificate under “Select certificate”

  11. Enable Swish, and you are now ready to accept Swish payments in your webshop.

How do I capture a Swish payment?

Since Swish is an account-to-account money transfer, a capture is not necessary as the money is transferred to your account as soon as the payment is completed.

If you use callbackurl, you will receive two callbacks, one with state=new and then one with state=processed.

Merchants using Swish

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