ViaBill is a Danish company that offers a payment solution for small and medium-sized Danish webshops. In fact, Denmark’s cheapest payment solution, since there is no transaction fees of any kind.

ViaBill is an online payment solution that is just as simple as a card payment. ViaBill is not intended as a substitute for more traditional card payment, but as a good supplement.

With a ViaBill payment solution for your shop, you give private Danish customers the ability to pay at the pace the customer wants. Even completely free from rates and charges. The customer basically free frin rates abd charges for 24 months. The customer is free to pay the of the amount at any time within the 24 months.

If the customer does not meet a payment date, then the customer will be registered to a paymentservice. The paymentservice costs 39 dkk. per charge. If the customer again wants to pay monthly without the use of the paymentservice, it will not be a problem.

The webshop claims the payment immediately after the 14 days-return policy is over.

Advantages of ViaBill

  • There are many advantages when using ViaBill.
  • Denmark's cheapest payment solution - no transaction fees at all.
  • No subscription costs.
  • No binding period.
  • ViaBill take the risk if the customer does not pay.
  • It is not necessary with an expensive and elusive merchant agreement with a traditional acquirer.
  • Quick turn-around-time - From The applicant for an agreement with ViaBill it only takes a few hours before I can be up and running.
  • High security for both the store and the end customer.
  • Partial payment gives orders (upselling).
  • The more payment methods, the more trading in the webshop.


PLEASE NOTE Viabill can only handle danish kroner(DKK) as currency PLEASE NOTE

Agreement with ViaBill

In order to receive partial payment via QuickPay you must have an agreement with ViaBill.

When you have an agreement with ViaBill, the payment option automatically presented in the payment window without additional work on your part. All you have to do is enter the API key from ViaBill in QuickPays manager.


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