QuickPay Account

In this article we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions regarding a QuickPay account.

Activate your QuickPay account

To be able to accept real payments through your QuickPay account you will first need to activate it.

  1. Log into QuickPay Manager

  2. Navigate to Settings > Billing

  3. Select a plan and input your creditcard or select an alternative payment method.

You are now ready to accepts payments

No minimum contract period with QuickPay

You are not bound by any contracts when using QuickPay. You can at any time cancel you subscription at the end of the month, and there by avoid being charged for the following month.

In example you can cancel your subscription 12.31 and your account will be taken down the day after 1.1 - without recieving any invoice for january.

Transaction fee

On our invoices we send out every month to customers whom pays automatic by creditcard, you will find you will find an invoice line that says “Transaction fee”.

This is the fee from the acquirer that we “surcharge”. You can benefit from using a visa-dankort as your creditcard as it has the smallest fee on most amount sizes.

On alternative payment methods there is a 50,- DKK fee per invoice, because these are handled manually. Please note that alternative payment methods only are available for danish merchants.

What counts as a transaction?

Invoices are based on the amount of transactions. We define a transaction as being one of the following:

  • authorize (succesfull)
  • recurring (succesfull)
  • recurring (failed)
  • payout (succesfull)

Please note that a MobilePay Online transaction counts as both a card transaction and a MobilePay online transaction.

We do not count:

  • failed authorizes
  • transactions made with test cards
  • captures
  • cancels
  • refunds
  • failed payout

New company form and new CVR/VAT no.

If you change company form, you are most likely to change CVR/VAT number. When you change that you will also need a new acquirer agreement, which means you will get a new business numbr/API Key(depeding on the acquirer). This will have to be updated in the manager, once you log in navigate to Settings > Acquirers. Please note that transactions that have been authorized through the old business number/API Key, cannot be captured if you change the business nubmer/API Key. Therefor please make sure all transactions are captured before your business number/API Key are closed down at the acquirer.

Should happen anyway that you did not manage to capture all payments before the agreement was shut down. Then there is the possibility to have the acquirer capture the payments manually.

Now to change your CVR/VAT no. in the manager. Please do so both in account information, customer details and billing information.

How to delete your account

Of course we are very sad that you wish to delete your account with us.

But to delete it, simply log into the manager and navigate to Settings > Account and then click “Delete account”


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