QuickPay Partner

There are basically two different partner types on the new platform.


Get commission

We offer a simple commission-based model, where you get a commission for every customer you refer to QuickPay. This is the solution for partners who do not want to be responsible for direct support and billing.

Based on our pricing you send us an invoice equalling the value of 3 months, when your customer has put their QuickPay account into production

Become a reseller

As a QuickPay reseller you will get your own interface from which you can manage your customers and their settings. You will be in charge of your own clients – and we will be available to assist if needed.

There is no maximum number of merchants you can manage.

As a reseller you get 65%* discount on the amount of your turnover which exceeds EUR 175 (Your turnover is calculated using QuickPay’s list prices.)

If your turnover does not exceed EUR 175, you will not have to pay more than your turnover, allowing you to get started as a reseller without have a large volume.

1: You have 3 merchants under your reseller, all on the professional price tier (EUR 25,- /mo.) 
You pay us 25 x 3 = EUR 75,- /mo.  2: You have 20 merchants under your reseller. 15 on professional and 5 on standard (EUR 10,- /mo.) 
Your turnover is 25x15 + 10x5 = EUR 425,- /mo. 
You pay the first EUR 175,- /mo. directly to us, and you get 65% discount on the remaining EUR 250,- leaving EUR 87,5 In the end you pay us the 175 + 87,5 = EUR 262,5 /mo."

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