Secured by Nets

Secured by Nets is a 2-step-verification system as 3-D Secure, which are already used in VISA and Mastercard payments.

As with 3-D Secure, the cardholder is directed to a seperate Secured by Nets view, and receives a text-message with a code. The cardholder fills in the code and completes the payment.


Activate Secured by Nets

It is possible to activate Secured by Nets in the QuickPay Manager


At a later point, Secured by Nets will automatically be activated for all merchants, and you will need a seperate agreement with Nets to be excluded.

When activated all Dankort payments will be validated by Nets, and selected payments will be escalated to Secured by Nets.

Payments on more than DKK 450., as well as all new card on file and subscriptions will automatically go through Secured by Nets. Subsequent transactions will work as before, as will already authorized card on file and subscriptions.

Force payments through Secured by Nets

It is possible to force all payments through Secured by Nets, using the payment methods in the same way as 3-D Secure.

payment_methods = 3d-dankort

Likewise Dankort is now a possible payment method if you have a Nets agreement and are using 3d-creditcard.


On you can find a guide to show the setup for the cardholder.

QuickPay Manager

Payments through Secured by Nets will in the QuickPay Manager be marked as having been through 3-D Secure.

If the cardholder does not complete the payment through Secured by Nets

If the payment is escalated to Secured by Nets, but the cardholder fails to complete the payment, the payment will be listed under Initial with no operations.

Fraud Filter

Dankort payments where 3-D Secure is forced by the Fraud Filter, will go through Secured by Nets even if it is not activated on the merchant.

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