Test transactions with QuickPay test cards

As default is allow test transaction on the account deactivated.

If you wish to make a test transaction with QuickPay test card

Here is how you activate it (just remember to deactivate it, when you are done testing.)

  1. Go to > Settings > Integration - swipe to activate “allow test transactions”



    For you to make a test transaction you need to activate an acquirer on the account, if you don’t have any agreement yet and only need the account for testing as a start.

  2. Go to > Settings > Acquirers > Clearhaus - swipe to activate Clearhaus


    Or you can press on the bottom “setup to test” from the dashboard for a new account.

Now the account is ready for testing - To test you can use our test cards https://learn.quickpay.net/tech-talk/appendixes/test/#test-data

When you use the test cards then kopi the card number for the payment and then make a random expiration date and CVD number.



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