Acquirer details

Automatic acquirer selection

If multiple acquirers are able to process a transaction, the acquirer with the lowest transaction fee is selected. The calculations are based on the transaction fees listed for each acquirer in the Quickpay Manager.

You can also prioritize acquirers from the Quickpay manager in Settings -> Acquirers or you can map payment methods with—format-



  • Payment must contain basket
  • The total amount of combined basket and shipping[amount] must match the amount of the payment
  • Currency must match the currencies enabled on the merchant account at Klarna
  • invoice_address and shipping_address are optional, but if included in the payment, the customer can skip this step when completing the payment on the Klarna platform

Branding must be version 2.1.18 or newer


Card payments

  • Only available for US/UK/CA merchants with Website Payments Pro
  • Require customer email via customer_email, invoice_address[email] or shipping_address[email].

Resurs Bank


The following fields are required to use Resurs Bank:

  • basket[][qty]
  • basket[][item_no]
  • basket[][item_name]
  • basket[][item_price]
  • basket[][vat_rate]
  • invoice_address[name]
  • invoice_address[street]
  • invoice_address[city]
  • invoice_address[country_code]
  • invoice_address[zip_code]
  • invoice_address[email]
  • invoice_address[phone_number] or invoice_address[mobile_number]


Order ID

Swish has additional restrictions on a transactions order_id

  • Allowed characters are a-z A-Z 0-9 -
  • And lenght must be between 1 and 35 characters.



Teller has following limitations on American-Express

Merchant country Currency
Denmark DKK
Norway NOK
Sweden SEK
Finland EUR

Mobilepay subscriptions

Mobilepay subsdcriptions has a deadline limit at 600 seconds, if you set it to something higher, we will change it back to 600 seconds.

MobilePay Checkout

As of March 12, 2024, MobilePay Checkout is no longer available because MobilePay has discontinued the Checkout product.