Payment methods

A payment method defines a brand/sub-brand like Visa, Mastercard Debet etc and is used to restrict payments to some brand(s)/sub-brand(s). It also supports restricting a payment method by its issuing country and security level (if applicable).

The syntax is [3d-]{brand}[-{ISO 3166-1 alpha-2}] - example:

^      ^      ^
|      |      |___ Issuing country as ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 (ie. the country where a credit card was issued)
|      |__________ The Brand (Visa, Mastercard, Viabill etc.)
|_________________ Security Level (3D-secure or std. SSL)

This example will restrict a payment to...
  - be paid with a Mastercard
  - require 3D Secure
  - only accept Mastercards issued in Denmark


For at thorough walkthrough of examples, see the helpdesk article on payment methods


It is also possible to use negation with payment methods. If you do not want to accept some payment method(s), just put a “!” in front the those you do not wish to accept.

Example: You want to accept all credit cards but NOT JCB and Visa cards issued in USA:

<input type="hidden" name="payment_methods" value="creditcard, !jcb, !visa-us">
Please note! If you define some payment method(s) in the `payment_methods` form field all other methods are excluded and will be rejected.

Supported Payment Methods

Value Description Security level? Issuing country?
creditcard Restricting payments to credit card payments only 3D Yes
american-express American Express credit card n/a Yes
dankort Dankort credit card 3D n/a
diners Diners Club credit card n/a Yes
fbg1886 Forbrugsforeningen af 1886 n/a n/a
jcb JCB credit card 3D Yes
maestro Maestro debit card 3D (only) Yes
mastercard Mastercard credit card 3D Yes
mastercard-debet Mastercard debet card 3D Yes
mobilepay MobilePay Online n/a n/a
mobilepay-subscriptions MobilePay Subscriptions n/a n/a
visa Visa credit card 3D Yes
visa-electron Visa debet (former Visa Electron) card 3D Yes
paypal PayPal n/a n/a
sofort Sofort n/a n/a
viabill ViaBill n/a n/a
resurs Resurs Bank n/a n/a
klarna-payments Klarna Payments. Includes all Klarna Payment options. See Klarna helpdesk article for information on how to specify Klarna payment options n/a n/a
bitcoin Bitcoin through Coinify n/a n/a
anyday-split ANYDAY Split n/a n/a
swish Swish n/a n/a
trustly Trustly n/a n/a
ideal iDEAL n/a n/a
vipps Vipps n/a n/a
paysafecard Paysafecard n/a n/a